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Your services over the years has been a pleasure!


I have done business with Ms Angela since 2009, when my friend discovered her company online. My friend traveled to Houston on leisure and asked Ms Angela to meet her so that she may check out her product. She explained that Ms Angela showed up at he hotel with 2 suitcases and a card machine. LOL! She said she knew she was LEGIT. My friend Chloe purchased our bundles from her and we have been I love every since. When it comes to professionalism, It's Ms Angela's top priority. Her products are PREMIUM, SUPERIOR, and LONG LASTING. I recently gave a friend some hair from 3 years ago that was installed 4 times. There was a discrepancy with my order once, and before MORNING, FedEx was at my door. She stands behind what she sells, which is what causes me to be a repeat customer. When I tell you that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, you should believe me. People ask about my hair often and when I direct them to Angela's site, they ask "she doesn't have bundle deals" No MA'AM. And it's probably because she does not provide BARGAIN EXTENSIONS, only the best. Thanks for years of great service Ms Angela.


"Angela provides the best authentic  Indian hair you can find. She is very professional and knowledgeable of her product. The quality of this hair is truly everlasting, no exaggeration at all!!! It takes color and heat extremely well and bounces back to its true state with ease. This is the only bundle hair I wear.

Houston, TX

"This is the best hair I've ever had! This hair always looks new and fresh even after washing, It lasts for years! I would recommend anyone to Personal Touch hair. Customer service goes above and beyond and prices are very reasonable . If you want long lasting quality hair then go to Personal Touch "


" I have been doing business with Angela at Personal Touch Hair since late 2008. Angela has also provided great customer service and quality products. The products I purchase normally last 1-2 years with proper care. I recommend her to a lot of women and I always get compliments on my hair especially in passing with hair stylists. It has been a pleasure to do business with her all of these years!"

Ashley Howard

Hi everybody my name is Charlene I am a customer of personal touch and I love the hair it is wonderful and been enjoying it for the last four years.


Angela is the epitome of Personal Touch Hair.  I have never had such quality hair in the 10 years I've been wearing weave.  I've worn straight, curly and even wash and wear styles and the quality has never changed.  The quality of her products and service is top notch.  I highly recommend this A+ product and service!


I have been wearing extensions and ordering hair for years. Luckily I got a hold to a bad batch of hair and a close friend referred me to Personal Touch Indian Hair. I was scared at first.  When I met with Angela to check the hair out I was truly  impressed ! Her haIr was the TRUTH ! No made up names and lies from different countries,  just straight raw Indian hair. I was like a kid in a candy store. Angela is such a blessing. She goes above and beyond to make her customers happy. I only buy hair from Personal Touch. Oh and the hair last for years !!!!

Dorothy G.

For over twenty years I have worn extensions in my hair; and seen it all, extensions shedding, changing texture, being over charged for poor quality and anything and everything in between. After finally deciding enough is enough...I decided to research and found Angela! Both her and her services embody everything I had wished for the last twenty years, the quality of the extensions are unbelievable superb! NO shedding, lasting for more than six months, and the cost is actually less than what I paid for the poor quality hair I was buying!

I would recommend Angela 1000% to anyone who is looking for great quality and service!

Houston, Texas

I have been Angela's customer for more than six years.  I truly appreciate the quality of Angela's hair and her genuine commitment to providing her clients with a great experience.  I have always received compliments on the quality of Angela's hair and I continue to refer everyone I know to her.  In addition to having an impeccable product- I want to personally thank Angela for support in my journey as Ms. Texas.  Angela, thank you for your assistance in being a member of my glam squad! If you are wondering if Angela is the best vendor for you-trust me she is!

With Confident Enthusiasm,

Lereca Monik
Ms. Texas America 2016

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